On November 22, 1963, the United States and all the world are shocked by the murder of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

While heading for the Trade Mart exhibition center in Dallas to speak to businessmen and researchers, Kennedy accepted three spheres that cut the thread of his life at the age of 46. The London Times organized the JFK: Unsilenced project and called for the contribution of the British company CereProc, which specializes in text-to-speech technologies, and the Irish company Rothco, which provides creative services (visual and audio communications).

The two companies have worked together to listen to the speech that has never been done – and indeed by the voice of JFK!

Times reported in the Times thatthe text of the speech has been rescued and so the experts of the two companies used various modern computer technology tools and initially managed to reconfigure John Kennedy’s voice. In order to re-synthesize the voice, the experts of the two companies handled about 800 archives of talks and talks over the radio by the US president.

Thousands of voice records were also processed, including his recorded telephone records. The next step was to get the text of the speech from the (American) president’s (artificial) voice. Daily Mail publishes part of this speech…

“In a world with complex and ongoing problems, in a world full of frustrations and tensions, the leading role of the US must be as a guide to the lights of knowledge and logic. Otherwise, all those who confuse rhetoric with reality and reasonably with feasibility will gain popular acceptance with seemingly quick and simple solutions to every problem in this world. We will always hear in this country voices of controversy that will express their opposition without proposing alternatives that will find the error but never the positive, seeing the destruction of everything and seeking to gain influence without taking any responsibility.

These voices are inevitable. We can not expect that all, to use the phrase of the past decade, “will speak the language of reason to the American people.” But we can hope that fewer and fewer people will eagerly cling to nonsense. And the notion that this nation is going to be defeated by weaknesses and that power is nothing more than a matter of slogans is nothing more than just foolishness “